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Rose Nannies Babysitting

Terms & Conditions

Updated October 2022

1. Minimum Booking: We have a minimum booking length of 2 hours. If your booking is shorter
than this duration, you will be required to pay the full cost of a 2 hour sit.

2. Ratios: Across all our packages, we work to legal ratios to ensure safety of children in our
care at all times. Should you require more than one nanny for your booking, we will let you
know in advance of the sit. Please see the table below to view our ratios:

Age of child Ratio (Nanny: Child)
0-2 years old 1:3
2-4 years old 1:4
5+ years old 1:6

3. Cancellation Policy: For our Private Babysitting bookings, we have a 24 hour cancellation
policy. If you need to cancel your sit later than 24 hours before the booking is due to
commence, you will still be required to pay for the hours agreed at the time of booking.

4. Payment Process: Payment is due by bank transfer or cheque, following each booking. You
will receive an invoice via email (or WhatsApp if preferred), the Monday following the sit,
including amount payable, and details of how to make the payment. Payment is due within a
week of receiving the invoice – failing this, you may be liable to a late payment fee.

5. Our rates: Daytime rate £16.50 until 7pm,and Evening rate £13.50 after 7pm-12:00am. Post-
Midnight Increase: If your evening booking extends beyond midnight, our hourly rate will
increase to time and a half for the hours beyond 12am (eg, £12/hour turns into £18/hour). For
overnight/night nannying, please enquire for a tailored quote.

6. Photographs & Social Media: We will never take or share photographs of your children
without your prior permission.

7. Communicating with your Nanny: We will be in communication with you prior to your booking
with your sitter’s name and mobile number. All our nannies have been referenced check,
have full DBS checks, childcare experience, and are very friendly.

8. Booking Time: Your nanny will arrive to the address provided at the time you have booked
your sit to start. If you are going to arrive home any later than previously agreed, please text
your sitter to let them know, and confirm they are okay with this.

9. Loyalty: We ask that you remain loyal to Rose Event Nannies, and ensure you book through
us centrally, if you would like to book your nanny again. We are a small business relying on
families’ loyalty, so appreciate your understanding on this matter.

10. Questions or Queries: If you have any problems leading up to, during, or following your sit,
please don’t hesitate to contact Jaye on 07871722290 / or Ella
on 07769944485 /

11. Further Information: If you have any other questions about Rose Event Nannies, about the
terms and conditions, or would like to view any of our policies, please email or 

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