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Safe & Trusted Babysitting Services


We offer babysitting across London & Surrey, covering daytime, evening, nighttime and holiday bookings. Our wonderful team of Rose Nannies come with a wealth of experience, and ensure your little ones are in the best of hands, while you enjoy some well deserved time off.


Private Babysitting

We provide a Rose Babysitting Nanny to your home to take care of your little ones.  Our nannies can attend daytime or evening bookings, every day of the week.  For returning clients, we aim to match families with the same one or two nannies for every booking to ensure consistency for your children. At present, Babysitting services are available across London, Surrey and Hampshire postcodes.


Night Nannying

We provide a nanny to care for your children in your home overnight.  We step in to allow you a well deserved, overnight break - assisting with the bedtime routine, night feeds, resettling, wake-up routine in the morning, and daytime nannying to wrap around. This is the perfect package if you fancy a night away, or if you have a newborn and would appreciate a break from the night feeds!  We will connect you with your nanny in advance of every night booking so you can arrange a call or meeting beforehand as we understand that leaving your children overnight can be a daunting step.


Holiday Nannying

We provide a Rose Babysitting Nanny to assist with your family on holiday, allowing you some time off to relax during your trip.  Our nannies can attend holidays in the UK, or abroad, and can assist during all or some of your holiday depending on the support you require.  With all holiday bookings, full travel, accommodation, and board costs must be covered by your client. To find out more about this service, and how our nannies could assist you on your family holiday, get in touch.

Pricing based on an hourly rate

Our babysitting services are charged on a hourly rate, and vary dependent on which service is booked, and at which time of day/ night. Our pricing is always competitive, and guarantees excellent value for money.  Get in touch to receive a quotation tailored to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

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