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Rose Nannies Agency

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions act as a legally binding contract between Rose Nannies Agency and the Client. 

Please read the following terms carefully - they must be signed on the final section of this document, and followed at all times when using Rose Nannies Agency services.


In accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, and Consumer Rights Act 2015, the Client has the right to a 14 day cancellation period (from the point of signing this contract) . Within this time period, the Client has the right to terminate Rose Nannies Agency services immediately. This must be confirmed in writing.


Should you confirm a position with a candidate within the 14 day cancellation period, full agency fees (including the registration fee) will still be payable.

1.0 Client Registration: Once you have completed our registration process (our registration form, an optional Client interview with a member of our Agency team, followed by payment of our registration fee), the details of your role will be advertised, and we will begin vetting and recommending applicants. Should you wish to cancel this process at any point, you must alert us immediately (this must be within the 14 day cancellation period).


1.1 References: Rose Nannies Agency checks all relevant qualifications and performs reference checks for all candidates. It is, however, your responsibility (the client) to follow up on any references you wish to, for further suitability. It is also your responsibility to ensure you check any further qualifications you wish to see.


1.2 Employment Terms: Rose Nannies Agency is a recruitment agency, not an employment agency. Upon your hiring of a nanny recommended by us, it is your legal responsibility to manage their employment. While we can advise on this process, we never act as the legal employer.


1.3 Trial Period: Should you wish to have a trial period with a candidate you are likely to make a formal offer to, you can have them work for up to 2 days in the role advertised, for this purpose. This must be decided before a formal job offer has been made, and only once the initial registration fee has been paid.


1.4 Role Acceptance: Upon acceptance by a candidate of the role you are advertising, you must notify Rose Nannies Agency at the earliest opportunity. An invoice will be sent, containing payment details for the relevant agency fee. This fee must be paid within 2 weeks of the start of employment (see Payment Structure below).


1.5 Cancellation Period: Should your circumstances change within the 14 day cancellation period following your registration with Rose Nannies Agency, this contract will be terminated. In this case, you must notify us of your decision in writing. The registration fee is non-refundable.


1.6 Employing a Nanny: Upon acceptance of a role through Rose Nannies Agency, you have a legal responsibility to act as an employer for your nanny, from the beginning of the role beginning. As discussed in our brochure, there are a number of things you must do to ensure this (while some of these points are not compulsory by law, we recommend all should be followed):

  • Ensure you and your nanny have full insurance (contact us for recommendations)

  • Ensure you deduct and pay all relevant tax and national insurance contributions for your nanny (you must contact HMRC to register as an employer and set up a PAYE scheme, or use a company to do this for you. Contact us for recommendations)

  • Ensure you have a full contract of employment written up and signed before the role begins (contact us for recommendations)

  • Ensure your nanny receives a payslip from you each month, containing wage and tax details for the month.

  • Ensure you pay your nanny an agreed rate (included in contract) which must be above the national minimum wage.

  • Ensure you provide your nanny with a set amount of paid annual leave each year (included in contract). For a full time role, this is a minimum of 5.6 weeks.

  • Ensure you are paying relevant pension contributions (this applies if your nanny is over 22, and earning more than £10,000/year).

  • Ensure you have negotiated a notice period (included in contract)

  • Ensure you are aware of your nanny’s maternity rights (included in contract), should your nanny become pregnant during their employment with you.

Should you breach any of these terms, or treat your successful candidate with neglect or any other misconduct, it is not the responsibility of Rose Nannies Agency to rectify this. It is your duty as their legal employer to ensure their welfare is of utmost importance at all times.


1.7. Loyalty: Should you (the Client) engage with a nanny put forward by Rose Nannies Agency, or agree on a formal job acceptance without notifying Rose Nannies Agency, you will be liable to full relevant agency fees, and your registration with Rose Nannies Agency will be terminated with immediate effect. We rely on the honesty of our clients, to carry our work to the highest possible standards.


1.8. Breaches of Contract: Should you breach any of the terms stated in this contract, including Rose Nannies Agency Payment Structure and Refund Policy, you will be liable to full relevant agency fees, and your registration with Rose Nannies Agency will be terminated with immediate effect.


1.9 Confidentiality of your data: While using Rose Nannies Agency services, we will store your data in line with our Privacy Policy, and GDPR law (the Rose Nannies Privacy Policy will be sent to you separately, at the time of registration). Your personal details will only be shared with nannies with your prior permission, for the purpose of arranging interviews/to prepare for acceptance of a role. You can contact us at any time, should you wish for us to remove your personal data.


2.0 Confidentiality of our nannies’ data: At the point of arranging an interview, or for the preparation of acceptance of a role with a successful candidate, it may be necessary for us to share nannies’ personal data with you, such as a name, number, or email address. As with your data, we stored nannies’ data in line with our Privacy Policy, and GDPR law. For this reason, nannies’ data must NOT be shared with anyone else, and must purely be used for the purposes of the agency process.




Agency fees for our services are not payable until the point of acceptance of an official job offer by a successful candidate.. At this point, you will be sent an invoice containing the relevant agency fee (see table below).


2.1 Registration Fee: While full agency fees are not payable until the point of acceptance of an official job offer by a successful candidate, a one-off administration fee of £100.00 will be due at the point of registration as a Client with Rose Nannies Agency. Following your interview with a member of the team, this fee will be sent via invoice. Once paid, we will be able to begin providing you with relevant candidate information. This Registration Fee is non-refundable, except in the case of acceptance of an official job offer by a successful candidate, in which case the registration fee will be deducted from the agency fee.


2.2 Payment of Agency Fee: Once an invoice has been sent by Rose Nannies Agency at the point of making an official job offer, payment must be made via bank transfer of cheque within 14 days of the date on the invoice (regardless of the date of the start of employment).


2.3 Late Payments: Payments made after the 14-day deadline will incur an additional fee, at a rate of 5%/day.


2.4 Client Termination before Employment: Across all placements, should the client terminate their contract with the successful candidate before employment has begun, agency fees are still due and payable in full.


2.5 Changes to Agency Fees: Rose Nannies Agency reserves the right to make alterations to agency fees, if the client is informed at least 7 days prior to the change, in writing.


2.6 Changes to Hours: Should the hours of employment change within 1 year of the candidate’s start date, it is your legal responsibility to inform Rose Nannies Agency. In this case, additional agency fees to match the new hours of employment will be payable.


2.7 Nanny-Share Roles: Should you be searching for a nanny-share with another family through Rose Nannies Agency, agency fees will be split equally between both parties (50% each). The one-off registration fee will be applicable to both families, separately.


2.8 Temporary Placement Extensions: Should you wish to extend your temporary placement with a nanny introduced to you by Rose Nannies Agency, it is your legal responsibility to inform Rose Nannies Agency. In this case, additional agency fees to match the new hours of employment will be payable.


2.9 Complaints & Feedback: Should you wish to provide feedback, or make a complaint if you are dissatisfied with a nanny provided by Rose Nannies Agency, this must be provided in writing to This does not nullify the contract, and agency fees may still be payable (see below).


3.0 Replacements: Should a successful candidate choose to leave their employment, or never begins their employment with you (for reasons not relating to your employment, or a breach of terms), within 6 months from the start of employment (Permanent Placements), or 1 month from the start of employment (Temporary Placements), and you have paid all liable agency fees until this point, Rose Nannies Agency agrees to provide you (the Client) with one replacement candidate (a maximum of 4 possible candidates will be provided), at no additional agency fee.


2.9 Refund Policy: Rose Nannies Agency will provide a refund ONLY if the following applies:

  • A complaint has been raised regarding a successful candidate, and it is something Rose Nannies Agency were aware of before the start of employment.

Other than in this situation, refunds are not provided, unless in exceptional circumstances, and at the discretion of Rose Nannies’ Owner. Email with any queries.


Agency Fee (GBP)

0-15 hours/week.      £900.00

15-30 hours/week.    £1200.00


30-40 hours/week.    £1500.00


40-50 hours/week.    £1800.00


50+ hours/week.       £2100.00


Temporary Placement (up to 4 weeks).   £300.00


Temporary Placement (4-8 weeks).         £500.00

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