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Premium Event Childcare Services


Our event services offer childcare of all kinds, across all events.  With a range of packages, from a full mobile creche, all the way to an evening babysitting service, we cater to every requirement.  Our wonderful, experienced Rose Nannies can attend weddings, festivals, corporate events, dinner parties, anniversaries, and any other event you require.  We hold full insurance with Morton Michel, which can be shared with clients and their venues at any time, upon request.

Complete Creche


We provide our entire play set up; lots of toys, equipment, games, activities and a fully stocked craft table run by our team of nannies in a room/space of your choice. Expect age-tailored fun for the duration of the creche, and a fun, happy, safe environment for little ones, allowing parents to fully relax.

Please ask if you'd like to see our full creche inventory.

Place to Play


Similar to the complete creche without the nannies.  Little ones are able to utilise our full creche with the supervision of parents.  You get our entire play set up; lots of toys, equipment, games, activities and a fully stocked craft table in a room/ space of your choice.

Event Nannying


We provide a Rose Event Nanny without all our creche equipment to take care of your little ones during the daytime/ evening of your event. Our team can help with all elements of the day, including playtime, naptimes, mealtimes, milk-feeds, the bedtime routine, babysitting into the evening and anything else you require. We ensure grown-ups can relax in the knowledge their little ones are safe, happy and having lots of fun!

Competitive Pricing Based On Your Unique Needs

The price of our event services vary depending on a number of factors such as the length of booking, number of children, age of children and location of the event. For some services we charge per nanny per hour, for others we charge for a full day package.  Our pricing is always competitive, and guarantees excellent value for money.  Get in touch to receive a quotation tailored to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to discuss your event childcare requirements.

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