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Rose Nannies Agency

Terms & Conditions


1.0 Nanny Registration: Once you have completed our registration process (an interview with a member
of our Agency team, 2 reference checks, our registration form, and sending of all relevant
documentation), the details of your role will be advertised, and we will begin vetting and recommending
applicants. Should you wish to cancel this process at any point, you must alert us immediately.

1.1 References: Rose Nannies Agency checks all relevant qualifications and performs two reference
checks for each nanny. It is your responsibility, when registering with us, to provide these documents and
contact details for your references.

1.2 Honesty: Upon registering with Rose Nannies Agency, we trust you to answer all questions honestly.
Misleading or being dishonest regarding your experience, qualifications, or any other personal details is a
breach of this contract, and you will be removed from our system with immediate effect. It is important that
the Client always receives accurate, and honest information on our Nannies.

1.3 Interviews: With your prior permission, we will share your contact details (only those absolutely
necessary) with the client advertising. Should they like your profile and wish to conduct an interview with
you, we will assist with the process of booking this in.

1.4 Communication with Clients: Most client communication will be carried out by the Rose Nannies
Agency team. We will liaise with clients regarding roles, put forward nanny profiles (with your permission),
assist with the interview process, and with the confirmation of roles. For GDPR purposes, we only share
client information with our nannies where absolutely necessary, or at the time of role acceptance.

1.5 Employment Terms: Rose Nannies Agency is a recruitment agency, not an employment agency.
Upon acceptance of a role from a client, it is the client’s legal responsibility to act as your legal employer,
from the start date of your role. While we can advise on this process, we never act as the legal employer.

1.6 Trial Period: Some clients wish to have a trial period with a potential candidate. We allow trial periods
of up to 2 days. This can be decided at your discretion, with the client.

1.7 Role Acceptance: Upon a job offer being made, you can take up to 1 week to decide whether or not
you wish to accept the role. You can communicate your decision with us, or independently with the client.
Either way, you must notify us of your decision at your earliest convenience.

1.8 Being employed as a Nanny: Upon acceptance of a role through Rose Nannies Agency, the client
has a legal responsibility to act as an employer for you, from the start date of the role. There are a
number of things they/you must do to ensure this (while some of these points are not compulsory by law,
we recommend all should be followed). Ensure all steps have been completed prior to your employment

- Ensure you have full nanny insurance (contact us for recommendations).
- Ensure the client has set up a PAYE scheme to pay your tax and NI contributions, or has
registered with a company to do this for you (contact us for recommendations).
- Ensure you have a full contract of employment written up and signed before the role
begins (contact us for recommendations).
- Ensure you are registered to receive a payslip from your employer each month,
containing wage and tax details for the month.
- Ensure you have agreed a fair hourly rate (included in contract) which must be above the
national minimum wage.
- Ensure your contract includes paid annual leave each year (included in contract). For a
full time role, this is a minimum of 5.6 weeks.
- Ensure your employer is paying you relevant pension contributions (this applies if you
are over 22, and earning more than £10,000/year).
- Ensure you have negotiated a notice period (included in contract).
- Ensure your employer is aware of your maternity rights (included in contract), should you
become pregnant during their employment with you.

1.9 Problems with your employer (post role beginning): Should your employer breach any of the
above terms, or treat you with neglect or any other misconduct, while we will help in any way we can, it is
not the responsibility of Rose Nannies Agency to rectify this. We are here to support our Nannies, both
past and present. You may come to Rose Nannies Agency for any advice/signposting you require, but the
relevant services should be contacted directly to manage this situation.

2.0 Loyalty: Should you (the Nanny) engage with a client advertising a role with Rose Nannies Agency,
or agree on a formal job acceptance without notifying Rose Nannies Agency, you will be removed from
the our Nanny list with immediate effect. Your registration with Rose Nannies Agency will be terminated,
and there is no guarantee you will be able to re-register at a later date. We rely on the honesty of our
Clients and Nannies,, to carry our work to the highest possible standards for everyone involved.

2.1 Breaches of Contract: Should you breach any of the terms stated in this contract, your registration
with Rose Nannies Agency will be terminated, and there is no guarantee you will be able to re-register at
a later date.

2.2 Confidentiality of your data: While using Rose Nannies Agency services, we will store your data in
line with our Privacy Policy, and GDPR law (the Rose Nannies Privacy Policy will be sent to you
separately, at the time of registration). Your personal details will only be shared with clients with your prior
permission, for the purpose of arranging interviews/to prepare for acceptance of a role. You can contact
us at any time, should you wish for us to remove your personal data.

2.3 Confidentiality of our Clients’ data: At the point of arranging an interview, or for the preparation of
acceptance of a role with a successful candidate, it may be necessary for us to share Clients’ personal
data with you, such as a name, number, or email address. As with your data, we stored Clients’’ data in
line with our Privacy Policy, and GDPR law. For this reason, Clients’ data must NOT be shared with
anyone else, and must purely be used for the purposes of the agency process.

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